CIASEM Conferences

CIASEM is the organizer of the Interamerican Congresses on Microscopy, which are held every two years.

There have been fourteen previous Interamerican Congresses on Microscopy. They are listed below.

The next Congress will be in Mexico in 2022.

Past congresses:

  • Primer Congreso Atlántico de Microscopia Electrónica (Mérida, 1991) Although held under a different name, this meeting is recognised as the first Interamerican Congress and was where CIASEM was established.
  • Second Interamerican Electron Microscopy Congress (Mexico, Cancún, 1993)
  • Third Interamerican Electron Microscopy Congress (Brasil, Caxambú, 1995)
  • Fourth Interamerican Electron Microscopy Congress (Ecuador, Guayaquil, September 23-26, 1997)
  • Fifth Interamerican Electron Microscopy Congress (Venezuala, Isla Margarita, October 24-28, 1999)
  • Sixth Interamerican Electron Microscopy Congress (Mexico, Veracruz, October 7-11, 2001)
  • Seventh Interamerican Electron Microscopy Congress (USA, San Antonio, August 3-7, 2003)
  • Eighth Interamerican Congress of Electron Microscopy (Cuba, Havana, September 25-30, 2005)
  • Ninth Interamerican Congress of Electron Microscopy (Peru, Cuzco, September 23-28,2007)
  • Tenth Interamerican Congress of Electron Microscopy (Rosario, October 25-28, 2009)
  • Eleventh Interamerican Congress of Electron Microscopy (Mexico, Mérida, September 24-29,2011)
  • Twelfth Interamerican Congress of Microscopy (Columbia, Cartagena de Indias, September 24-28, 2013)
  • Thirteenth Interamerican Congress of Microscopy (Venezuala, Isla Margarita, September 18-23, 2015)
  • Fourteenth Interamerican Congress of Microscopy (Varadero, Cuba, September 25-29 2017)
  • Fifteenth Interamerican Congress of Microscopy (Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 1-4 2019)