Minutes of the General Assembly

"The General Assembly is the highest authority of the Organization.  Its decisions are binding on the Organization and its member societies including those member societies not present."

-This quotation is from the Constitution of CIASEM. The Minutes of the meetings of the General Assembly represent, therefore, the official record of the business done by CIASEM.

The General Assembly meets normally every two years at the Interamerican Congress.  Additional meetings were held in 1998 at the International Congress held in Cancun and in 2010 at the
International Congress in Rio. Minutes are given here as Microsoft Word documents.

If you click on the links below, a dialog window will open.  You will be offered a choice to open the document or to save it.  If you select "open" the minutes may open within this window and be hard to read.  If so, it will be easier to save it to your computer and read it there.